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Critical Thinking Reflection Essays - Education, Thought, Cognition

Critical Thinking Reflection Essays - Education, Thought, Cognition Critical Thinking Reflection Briana Thomas DATE \@ "M/d/yyyy" 2/6/2017 HUM 115 Week 5 Have you ever just wondered if it would really be worth it to get a college education or to just settle for an everyday jo b and barely get by? I know there are plenty of factors that play a part in deciding to go to school for another four years but you have to make huge step in deciding. In all decisions you make there will be positives and negatives to getting a college degree to better your self. Obtaining your college degree is an important step, both personally and professionally. You have to consider the financial, social and cultural benefits of higher education; it is easy to see how a degree can make a big difference in your life and career. So once you began to weigh out all your options of why you would choose to obtain your college education; you have to start putting a plan together to execute it. You start applying for colleges, deciding on a major, and then you began studying your major. Finally, after you graduate you will begin to see the reasons behind going to get a college education. Having a step process in deciding to get a college education will make you understand why you made the decision in your best interest. The critical thinking process is about knowing how to ask the right question when applying for jobs after graduating college. You have to know how to ask companies what are their education requirements are and then determine if you meet those requirements with the amount of education you have. If you meet those requirements then apply for the job and then you will see that obtaining a college degree was worth the while. I can use my critical thinking in any area researching and in determining which career field to pick to major in as well . The more I know about any issue it will be much easier to understand and create an d decide on i t. With all that I have learned in this course will help me to be more analytical and always collab orate all of the information in the future to apply in my life and any situation that I may encounter . You can use critical thinking for just about anything; in fact it would be beneficial to use crit ical thinking for all problems or concerns, this way you view all possible ways to get a solution to problems I think the best way to continue to use critical thinking in the future is to never forget to ask plenty of questions and to inquire for answers. You can never go wrong with wanting to search and find any solutions to problems. This way you have more information to make the best decision possible.

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Process Improvement Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Process Improvement Plan - Essay Example For every group of data, the points on the X-Bar usually represent its average. The range chart on the other hand displays the difference between the lowest and the highest dimension in the group (SPC 2013). Statistical control limits also known as confidence band is normally attached to the weakening line so as to reduce the unexplained error. The confidence interval in the regression is normally based on past data. Control limits are expressed in terms of positive or negative mean absolute deviation (MAD). MAD is normally simple and useful when obtaining tracking signal. It is used to denote the average error that is in the forecasts. It measures the dispersion of the observed values from the expected values. When sign is put in consideration in the computation of MAD, the control limits are obtained. MAD is calculated by obtaining the sum of absolute deviations and then dividing it with the number of data points. Control limits can also be expressed in form of standard deviations. Standard deviation relates to mean absolute deviation when the errors in the project are usually dispersed. ‘The standard deviation’ is normally a bigger measure. For instance, if the MAD of a set of points was estimated to be 60, then the measure for the standard deviation would be 75. ... It is used to indicate whether the average of the forecast is keeping pace with any upward or downward genuine changes A typical control chart has two horizontal lines that are called ‘upper control limit’ (UCL) and lower control limit (LCL). If the process happens to be in control, almost all the samples fall between them and hence no action needs to be taken. If a point plots outside of the control limit it is taken that the procedure must be out of control and hence investigation is necessary and corrective action should be taken in order to find and eradicate the possible causes for the behavior. The sample points that are on control chart are normally connected with a straight line to make it easier to visualize how the sequence of those points has been evolving over time. Even if all the points happen to plot inside of the control limits and they act in a non-random approach then this is a signal that the procedure might be out of control. These limits are calculat ed from Range and ‘SPC X-Bar’ values. They are plus/minus three standard deviations from the average calculated and represent 99.97% self-assurance factor that any of the reading that falls between the limits can is an attribute of the regular process discrepancies (Confidence intervals: how they work, 2013). Effect of Seasonal Factors Using Process Performance Data Control: Measurement will help in reduction of variation. They help reduce overruns in expenditure so as the objectives agreed on can be achieved. Management assessment: The concept for process performance involves meeting the planned established operating goals, detecting of deviations from the planned performance levels and then restoring these performances to the levels planned or even

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Investor Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Investor Protection - Essay Example When there is strong investor protection, there is low insider expropriation, which in turn leads to lower profits appropriation, lower tunnelling of assets as well as reduced dilutions (DeFond & Hung, 2007); in return, minority and external shareholders enjoy lower agency costs, thereby reinforcing investor’s confidence. Better investor confidence eventually culminates in many benefits including higher profitability, lower costs of debt and equity, higher access to capital, higher valuation and liquidity. Moreover, better investor confidence leads to increased savings, productive investment of savings, and enhanced capital accumulation. Investor protection can be achieved through the legal approach to corporate governance, which provides laws and regulations for the protection of external investors (Spindler, 2011). Investors often feel safer to invest in countries where their rights are protected under the law, because they understand their vulnerability to expropriation. Unlike employees or suppliers who are less likely to be mistreated by firms due to their continued usefulness to the firms’ operations and sustainability, external investors must rely on the law for protection in an unfamiliar environment. Legal protection of external investors undermines expropriation technologies and mechanisms, while in an environment with no legal protection the so-called insiders (managers and controlling stockholders) can easily steal a company’s profits (La Porta et al., 2000). In that respect, investor protection renders the diversion techniques ineffective so that the insiders expropriate less, thereby crea ting a positive reputation for their organizations and obtaining external financing on better terms than when expropriation is high. The legal framework provides laws and regulations that mandate certain rights or powers belonging to

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Internal and External Factors Essay Example for Free

Internal and External Factors Essay In this paper, I will be discussing the internal as well as the external factors such as Globalization, technology, innovation, diversity and ethics affect the four functions of management in the restaurant plan. I will be using examples from each factor as well as using peer reviews from my team discussion. The globalization in the restaurant industry is crucial this measures the healthy financial side of the company by growing and interacting with different cultures. People travel on vacation all the time we go to different countries and we enjoy the different cuisine. Investors are always among this people and are looking for growth opportunity for their business concept. One very good example that we have is â€Å"GE which became a massive and profitable corporation by selling appliances, lightbulbs, and machinery to US customers, recently announced that it expected its foreign sales to equal the sales within the United States.† ( ) globalization also gives employers to choose from an array of indefinite talent and employees as well they benefit from all this by experiencing cultural change making them grow and be more valuable for their employer. Another item to add to this great way of growing is the internet it is such a valuable tool for companies now days they can advertise their goods and services to the consumer directly and targeting the right markets making it more cultural and diverse. â€Å"Successful CEOs know the local to the global market place is gaining momentum and it is irreversible.† ( ) globalization also makes possible for many employees to work from the comfort of their own home and in turn making it possible for companies to save in office space, for example someone can supervise employees from other countries this can also cause for your day to start very early and end very late. Technology just as globalization it is what makes companies to be successful by reaching in markets companies never thought possible.  Technology brings challenges as well as opportunities for business to grow at a rapid pace but if you blink you are out of your chance competition for new markets is very tuff and every one is just waiting for a chance to market their goods and services in a fast, easy and affordable way. The profit margin is bigger and companies thrive even in the worst economy. Some of the most successful companies are the web base companies that give consumers the choices of millions and millions of products at their fingertips. Technology also gives you the information you are looking for in the language you desire that is the beauty of technology we have all the information we need 24/7. Companies can compare their goods and services against other companies and get the cutting edge on how to gain more profit from any opportunity since at the end of the day the goals for any business is to make profit. The down side of technology is that there so much competition in the ecommerce industry that companies also lost much profit by investing their capital and was not able to get their investment back. Many people also made a bad career move thinking this was the right way to go many drop school and managers left their careers to pursue the ecommerce innovation path. One lesson we can all learn is that technology is just part of the business not the whole business in itself and most successful companies integrate both the traditional business concept as well as the ecommerce business. In the restaurant, industry technology brings a new set of challenges especially for people that are not comfortable with technology or are simple the older crowd and are not willing to change their way. Technology for someone like me is the best thing a restaurant can have it makes it creates simpler steps and I can see where my restaurant stands compare to others according to the metrics that we have in place. Innovation is inevitable for any company in the restaurant industry, we must adapt to the customers demand for new products and with this comes challenges in training and execution if your product is not up to consumer’s standards they will choose one of your competitors which means lost sales for the company and lower more hours for the employees. Innovation is also a great tool for the restaurant industry because now we can advertise our products and services in any social media and people are more aware of what is out there for them. In order to be successful, the restaurant industry must give its consumers what is advertised. In the restaurant industry  innovation comes from globalization and gives us a chance to reach out far more customers, as before we only had limited resources. Innovation is the key to keep the restaurant growing in different markets and being more profitable. Innovation is connected to quality, if we don’t execute.

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Pink Floyd :: essays research papers

â€Å"The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think. Oh by the way, which one's Pink?† In the mid 60’s Syd Barrett formed a psychedelic band, with fellow Englishmen Roger Waters, Rick Wright, and Nick Mason. Barrett on lead guitar, Waters on bass, Wright on keyboards, and Mason on drums. The name came from two of Barrett’s favorite American blues-men, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. They began experimenting with intense instrumentals of feedback, electronic screeches, and unusual, eerie sounds created by loud amplification, reverb, and such tricks as sliding ball bearings up and down guitar strings. By 1966, heavily under the influence LSD and Barrett, the group began to incorporate light shows to add to the psychedelic effect of their live performances. In 1967 they signed with EMI records and released The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. It is considered to be one of the best British psychedelic albums, second only to The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band album. Sadly they would never even have a chance to recreate a similar masterpiece, solely because Barrett’s involvement in the band was in its final stages. Barrett was becoming heavily involved in mind-altering drugs like LSD and was showing alarming signs of mental instability. They tried to work out an arrangement where newly hired guitarist and close friend David Gilmour would perform live with the band while Barrett would make his contributions in the studio. This didn’t work. Syd Barrett left the group to pursue a solo career. The band decided to continue on without Barrett and Waters stepped in as the dominant composer and writer. Using Barrett’s vision as an obvious blueprint, but adding a more formal, somber, and quasi-classical tone, their 1968 follow-up A Saucerful of Secrets, made the British Top Ten and proved the band was to continue on. For the next four years they would work on their sound, keeping it within the range of psychedlia, but reaching out to the uses experimental rock, and using such instruments as organs and horns.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  They continued on in their journey of rock history with such classics as Ummagumma and Atom Heart Mother, but never reaching that same plateau as they did with their debut. They later released Meddle in 1971which further showcased their development of albums as whole masterpieces instead of just individual songs. Nothing, however, prepared Pink Floyd or their audience for

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Curley’s Wife Essay

Curley’s wife presented in a complicated way.. She is ambiguous in some sense. Dangerous: ‘both men glanced up for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off. ’ ‘She had full rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. ’ Red, foreshadowing danger. Vulnerable: ‘heavily made up. ’ Insecure. Hiding domestic violence. Mysterious. Outlet for feelings, only thing she has control over. Wants attention because she is neglected by Curley. ‘I don’t like Curley. He ain’t a nice fella. ’ She is a possession to Curley. She puts her hands behind her back leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forwards. ’ She is acting provocatively towards George and Lennie because she thinks that she can het their attention that she is lacking from her marriage. She closes off after she gets some attention from people especially Lennie because this is not what she wanted. She ‘looks at her fingernails’ which shows that she is not interested. She is commented in a derogatory way by the men. Steinbeck wants to teach people that we shouldn’t judge women. They think that she is immature and irresponsible. She is presented as spiteful and ungrateful in the middle of the novella by the way she treated other minor characters such as the black guy. ‘A bunch of bindlestiffs-a nigger an’ a dum-dum and lousy ol’ sheep. She is annoyed at how she is being treated by the other minor characters which lead her to this outbreak. She is worked up because she discriminates crooks by what she immediately sees. She repeats ‘and’ and this fractures her sentences. Curley’s neglected lead to her ability to act rational being affected. Exasperated and anguished by her own self because she likes talking to people. Women were treated worse than lowly ranch workers. Desperate and lonely way. Also relies on the American dream because she goes on multiple times about her dream to be a singer. She likes to be in the spotlight. Tumbled suggests that she is overwhelmed at the attention she is receiving from Lennie. Flowing out, hurried for her story to be heard. Afraid of Lennie neglecting her like Curley did. Curley’s wife is demanding and childish. She has restrictions from her husband. Acting like a child and questioning why. Confiding in Lennie because he has a low IQ level which means that he cannot tell everyone her secrets, hopes and dreams. When she dies she is presented in an innocent way. Her hair looks like a halo around her head. And she looks like an angel. This could suggest that people were recognised as important after they have died not when they are alive. Vulnerable because she is stripped of her make up. She has finally found peace and her pain was gone from her face. Makes us feel guilty about our assumptions on her. She questions people to start off a conversation; it is also a way to show that she wants answers. She is also insecure about who she can trust so she questions them to see if they are telling the truth. However, she will get defensive in the middle of the conversation when they have lied to her. Therefore, she uses sentences that do not make sense and exclamations. Juxtapositions in a paragraph could represent Curley’s wife’s ambiguous nature and her complex characteristics. Of Mice and Men is not kind in its portrayal of women. In fact, women are treated with contempt throughout the course of the book. Steinbeck generally depicts women as troublemakers who bring ruin on men and drive them mad. Curley’s wife, who walks the ranch as a temptress, seems to be a prime example of this destructive tendency—Curley’s already bad temper has only worsened since their wedding. Aside from wearisome wives, Of Mice and Men offers limited, rather misogynistic, descriptions of women who are either dead maternal figures or prostitutes. Despite Steinbeck’s rendering, Curley’s wife emerges as a relatively complex and interesting character. Although her purpose is rather simple in the book’s opening pages—she is the â€Å"tramp,† â€Å"tart,† and â€Å"bitch† that threatens to destroy male happiness and longevity—her appearances later in the novella become more complex. When she confronts Lennie, Candy, and Crooks in the stable, she admits to feeling a kind of shameless dissatisfaction with her life. Her vulnerability at this moment and later—when she admits to Lennie her dream of becoming a movie star—makes her utterly human and much more interesting than the stereotypical vixen in fancy red shoes. However, it also reinforces the novella’s grim worldview. In her moment of greatest vulnerability, Curley’s wife seeks out even greater weaknesses in others, preying upon Lennie’s mental handicap, Candy’s debilitating age, and the color of Crooks’s skin in order to steel herself against harm. Women had a profound sense of loneliness and they desire a friend or a companion. However, women like Curley’s wife will settle for an attentive ear from a stranger. Women were often unhappily married to help escape from the great depression in the USA. They were rendered helpless by their isolation and even at their weakest will seek to destroy those who were weaker. Oppression does not come from those who are strong or powerful but those who are also suffering. Strength is born from those who are weak and at their weakest. The American dream is impossible especially at the time of when of mice and men were set because this was the time of the great depression and the dust bowl where farmers were out of work and suffering. Therefore, Curley’s wife abandons her American dream and marries Curley for financial security. Women are not referred to by their names but by a pronoun. It shows that they are seen as mere possessions and not even real human beings. They are insignificant and inferior to others therefore they have no name. Curley’s wife is not given a name to represent the status of women in the 1930s. They were ranked as low as Black people such as crooks who is also not given a name. Alternative: Portrayal of women in of mice and men is unflattering and limited from the point of view of men. Women don’t have a place in the author’s vision of the world which was surrounded by bonds of men. Women are unimportant, thus they are portrayed in a negative light. Steinbeck: He was a feminist who helped raise the profile of women and their role in the 1930s. He also disagreed with the way women were treated because in the end he reveals the true nature of her and how she was not a bad person all along. He has also made Curley’s wife a complex character to teach readers of the 1930s that women also had feelings and were also as complex as the men. It also makes her not seem like a one dimensional character. The book only assigns women with two lowly roles of housewives or prostitutes. Female sexuality is a trap to ensnare men and ruin their lives. Temptation to men that will lead them to their fall from perfection. For example, George and Lennie who had their lives ruined by Curley’s wife. All characters are nearly all disempowered by Curley’s wife who discriminates the men by their race, intelligence and age. When Curley’s wife speaks to Lennie, the reader is afraid for Lennie because they can sense something bad will happen. Curley’s wife is depicted in a different way when she is speaking to Lennie because before she was easily dismissed as a flirt with a temper and a manipulator. However, in the final moments before her death, Steinbeck presents his sole female character sympathetically. Her loneliness becomes the focus of this scene, as she admits that she too has an idea of paradise that circumstances have denied her. Curley’s wife seems to sense, like Crooks (who notes earlier that Lennie is a good man to talk to), that because Lennie doesn’t understand things, a person can say almost anything to him. She confesses her unhappiness in her marriage, her lonely life, and her broken dreams in â€Å"a passion of communication. † Unfortunately, she fails to see the danger in Lennie, and her attempt to console him for the loss of his puppy by letting him stroke her hair leads to her tragic death. One might take issue with Steinbeck’s description of her corpse, for only in her death does he grant her any semblance of virtue. Once she lies lifeless on the hay, Steinbeck writes that all the marks of an unhappy life have disappeared from her face, leaving her looking â€Å"pretty and simple . . . sweet and young. † The story has spent considerable time maligning women, and much has been made of their troublesome and seductive natures. It is disturbing, then, that Steinbeck seems to subtly imply that the only way for a woman to overcome that nature and restore her lost innocence is through death. Because Curley’s wife cannot bare her lonely soul to the men around her, the men persist in believing she is merely a â€Å"lousy tart. † This is due to misinterpretations by other characters. Her unattainable dreams make he seem human and the writer reiterates this through the innocence of her face in the time of her death. In sharing his vision of what it means to be human, Steinbeck touches on several themes: the nature of dreams, the nature of loneliness, man’s propensity for cruelty, powerlessness and economic injustices, and the uncertainty of the future.

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Indoor Air Quality ( Iaq ) - 3184 Words

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as a causal factor in disease propagation Introduction: A healthy indoor environment is an essence for a comfortable, healthy and productive life. Based on the fact that good air quality is one of the important components of a healthy indoor environment, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as, â€Å"the temperature, humidity, ventilation and chemical contaminants of the air inside a building.†1, 2 EPA’s definition clearly states the criteria of a healthy indoor air quality. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a good indoor should be free from dust, odor or other potential pollutant. There should be enough light and ventilation for through and through air flow.3 Sanitation, drinking water, fire protection, chemical substances should be properly placed and well managed. Temperature, humidity and noise levels should be favorable enough to keep the occupants comfortable and free from disease.3 Failure to maintain such quality leads to indoor air pollution and related health consequences which will be described later.3 In the project, the hypothesis is that indoor air quality plays an important role as a causal factor in disease progression. Effective control of indoor air quality and reduction of pollution will decrease the public health burden related to these illnesses.4 The aim of the project is to establish the association between indoorShow MoreRelatedIndoor Air Quality ( Iaq )1466 Words   |  6 PagesIndoor Air Quality: 1. Introduction: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. People spend about 90% of their time indoors. Many people spend their entire working day inside an office, shop, factory, or other facility. In some indoor environments, poor air quality has been blamed for physical symptoms and complaints such as headaches, eye irritation, and coughs. TheseRead MoreA New Concept1789 Words   |  8 PagesIAQ is not a new concept, consider our ancestors living in caves and the impact from smoke pollutions or in ancient Egypt stonemasons working in the open air were healthier than those working in workshop. Even Biblical scripts refer to the dangers of mould in the home. However, there have been four fundamental developments that have occurred in the last forty-five years (Lee, et al., 1996): †¢ The increased time spent within indoor environments. †¢ The increased dependency on artificial productsRead MoreEssay about Autonomous Air Pollution Monitoring System 1218 Words   |  5 Pages People are exposed to air pollutants both indoors and outdoors depending on the activities of individuals. It is significant to measure the exposure levels of different pollutant gases, especially for the well being sensitive or susceptible individuals such as children, aged people and persistently ill people. To avoid such adverse imbalances in the nature, an air quality monitoring system is utmost important. Recent enhancement in technology have made it conceivable to deploy cost-effective wirelessRead MoreManagement Of Indoors Air Quality1265 Words   |  6 PagesManagement of Indoors Air Quality in schools: Schools’ children do spend in their classrooms almost double the time they do in their rooms at homes (WHO, 2007). This gives the extra importance of having good indoor air quality at schools which helps to pertain an improved learning environment, increased productivity and better health for students and school staff. Having poor indoor air qualities would have severe consequences on health, behaviors, perception, development and learning disabilitiesRead MoreIndoor Air Quality And Environmental Health Essay2305 Words   |  10 PagesIndoor Air Quality and Environmental Health Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers only to the quality of the ambient air in an interior environment. On average, people spend well over half of their time inside, and research has shown that indoor air in buildings can be more contaminated than outdoor air. The majority of people that work in non-industrial buildings such as offices, schools, and hospitals are exposed daily to poor IAQ. Indoor air pollution (IAP) continually ranks among the top five environmentalRead MoreAir Quality Effects On Humans886 Words   |  4 Pages 1.1 Air Quality Effects on Humans Air quality in America is a very important topic. Humans breathe every day, approximately 3,000 gallons of air. Without it, we cannot live1. Breathing air, which contains pollutants, can be harmful to human health. Minimally, polluted air can cause burning eyes and noses along with an irritated throat and difficulty breathing. Additionally, for people with asthma, which includes over 30 million Americans, pollutants can aggravate respiratory problemsRead MoreSafety Aesthetic Effects, Contingent Liability And Health Issues1681 Words   |  7 Pagesvisit to those areas. The first problem, which was diagnosed by us, was ventilation: The purpose of proper ventilation is to provide high indoor air quality, pleasant temperature, maintaining oxygen level, removal of mosquitoes, odour, carbon dioxide and air bone bacteria’s. Ventilation exchanges the indoor foul air with the outdoor fresh air and also maintains air circulation within the building. During the visit of the property we found problem of ventilation is very common in many areas of the buildingRead MoreSafety Aesthetic Effects, Contingent Liability And Health Issues4010 Words   |  17 Pagesto those areas. The first problem, which was diagnosed by us, was ventilation: The purpose of proper ventilation is to provide high indoor air quality, pleasant temperature, maintaining oxygen level, removal of mosquitoes, odour, carbon dioxide and air bone bacteria’s. Ventilation exchanges the indoor foul air with the outdoor fresh air and also maintains air circulation within the building. During the visit of the property we found problem of ventilation is very common in many areas of theRead MoreEffects of Poor Indoor Air Quality2161 Words   |  9 Pagescommon that air that we breather within various indoor environments have different particles and gaseous contaminants. Upon these contaminants affecting human health and performance they change to be known as indoor pollutants, for example school setting commonly experience this environment. Health and performance in school is also affected by indoor temperature and relative humidity on influence of the airborne level of molds as well as bacteria. Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality There areRead MoreSources of Air Pollution In general, the air pollution sources are categorized into mobile sources800 Words   |  4 Pagesof Air Pollution In general, the air pollution sources are categorized into mobile sources and stationary sources. Stationary sources are mostly industrial complexes such as factories and electric generating plants. Mobile sources are vehicles, on- road, off-road. The quality of the indoor air also plays a significant role as far as health is concerned. However, the awareness among the public in this aspect is increasing, and they have started realizing the issues that arise with poor indoor air